Of the city, by the city and for the city

A place for residents and visitors to get honest, straightforward information on downtown Phoenix and it’s unique, local offerings.

Today, downtown Phoenix is a place where vibrant, energetic and inventive people are recreating a community, even reinventing Phoenix culture, to help the city evolve with the changing times. Downtown Phoenix is becoming a better commerce and cultural capital of Arizona. It has become a hub of performing arts venues, unique restaurants, museums and educational opportunities with diverse residential options.

This hasn’t always been the case. At the beginning of the 21st century downtown Phoenix could have been considered a ghost town in Arizona. Although is was (still is) home to bank headquarters, law firms, and government buildings, downtown Phoenix was dull. After 5:00 p.m. it was deserted and depressing. But change happens. Life is change. In recent years the downtown Phoenix area has undergone massive revitalization that is making it is a fun and exciting place to live or visit.

Of course there are the pro sporting events for Diamondbacks baseball and the Suns / Mercury basketball, but the downtown atmosphere has become more than that. One could say that it has matured beyond sports entertainment. There’s the Herberger Theatre Center, Symphony Hall, Dodge Theater, Arizona Science Center and art galleries are plentiful. The Phoenix Central Library is nearby, as well as the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art and the Phoenix Art Museum – all this within 10 minutes of Sky Harbor International Airport.

Community teamwork has resulted in a downtown Phoenix success story, and the growth continues. Residents have taken ownership of the downtown Phoenix community and closely surrounding neighborhoods. They support local, unique restaurants, shops and hotels.